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Jill Woods, C.M.S.T

Jill Woods Massage Bedford TX

My name is Jill Woods and I am a Certified Medical Shiatsu Therapist. Medical Shiatsu has not been taught in the United States since 1997 and is not taught in any massage school in the U.S. Shiatsu is Japanese for ‘finger pressure’. I graduated from the California School of Medical Shiatsu in 1996, being taught to alleviate symptoms and pain created by various medical problems, I continue to have success treating many medical maladies such as stroke, migraines, headaches, TMJ, sciatica, constipation, pre-menstrual pain, as well as many other physical challenges.

I’ve worked with doctors for the past 18 years, the majority of that time in Silicon Valley, where I was born and raised. Great success was achieved working on tri-athletes and corporate clients at Stanford and Cupertino areas.

I’ve also treated many patients pre-op and post-op from back, neck, hip and knee surgeries.

the human body is constantly striving to reach a state of homeostasis. With my unique training and experience, I assist the body’s ability to reach and maintain this balance.

If you have any questions, please contact me via text or phone at (559) 630-5345