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Multiple Techniques: Important

While we specialize in physical therapy and chiropractic care, many facilities don’t and tend to stick to one or two things that they feel work. Unfortunately this type of care does not yield well to really caring for a patients needs. Patients come in all shapes, sizes and have different physical needs. While one thing may work great for one, it will not have the same positive effects on another.
Yes, we specialize in cold laser and decompression therapy. However, sometimes patients may only need a simple adjustment or acupuncture.
If you have an injury or ailment that is not improving, please call us and set up an appointment and see why our diversity of treatments may help you heal faster.

Dallas Area Sports Therapy

We handle many Dallas area sports injury therapeutic needs. Most of our patients know that we handle tons of sports therapy for many of the Dallas Cowboys and other pro team players. It is no secret that not only are we a chiropractic center, but that we also handle physical therapy needs as well.

A sports injury handled properly can get the player back out of the danger zone from the injury they sustained. However, if they fail to complete the proper therapy after their injury they could be headed for another injury in the same area of the body. If you re-injure an area again, the chances of recovery from that damage could take much longer to heal from than the first time.

Make sure no matter your age or profession that you seek the best physical therapy possible after an injury. We treat every client the same whether they make millions on the field or they work behind a desk fixing computers. We do what works, and will make sure you have the best chance of healing possible.

Long Term Healing with Telomeres (TA-65)

Medical science and the Geron Company have brought to the market an explosive anti-aging and healing product called TA-65. This is an all natural approach that uses the astragalus root. Telomeres are the target of this new product, the key here would be the lengthening of your telomeres. Once we age, these telomeres begin to get shorter. The TA-65 product has been shown to lengthen the telomeres again by turning on the telomerase.

The studies have been truly amazing. This product has been seen all over TV and there are very few doctors that sell it. Dr. Park at the Recharge Biomedical Clinic is one such doctor. He was one of the first physicians to try the product nationally and has been studying its affects ever since. Take a look at their website,, and call them for more information. Healing from the inside out along with good physical therapy can really help to ensure patients that they heal properly and faster than ever before.

Dr. Park not only sells the product, but he does consultations every couple of weeks with his TA-65 clients to see how they are doing on the product. You can’t beat that.